Undergrad, Then…What?

This post will not be like the others. This post is for all the students out there, who are bright, intelligent, but have absolutely no idea what their calling is.

I’m feeling it. The pressure of a full-time position once my university life is over in almost exactly a year. Masters? No money. I probably don’t have the patience or grades for it. If there’s one thing I know for sure, however, it is that I do not want to do a Masters. I have already done more than enough placements at physiotherapy clinics to know I do not want to work in a clinical setting for the rest of my life. Not that I had no interest- I actually loved working with the patients, and I loved learning all the hands-on aspects of the job. I gained vast knowledge on soft tissue work. But that is the problem, you see. I am a hands-on learner, a visual learner. Which is why studying with my nose buried in textbooks is probably the worst way to study and learn. I am incredibly stubborn and extremely picky when it comes to interest. I am a fighter for the things I love, and I don’t even give a second thought to the things I don’t. Which makes me very, very, prone to underestimation. One of my other weaknesses– actually, my greatest– is my humbleness. I am too humble. Over the top, so much that I tend to undermine myself to potential employers. WHY for the love of god do I always do that??

I am also extremely shy and not confident in my own abilities. It’s such a shame. My parents even lecture me on my confidence. What is there to be meek about? I don’t know. My grades have never been that of an academic, but that doesn’t mean I have nothing up here. All it takes is one conversation with me to know. But that will never happen without the grades. Oh what a paradox.

If you, a student, can relate to what I’m feeling right now then let me tell you right now to stop whatever you’re doing and do the things you NEED to do right now. FIGURE out your goal. What do you want to do? There has to be something you would love to do for your job, something that you would love to do while earning a living. If you ask me, that would be 3 things: my love for the human body, athletics, and graphic design. The next question is, where the fuck do I find a job that would emphasize these elements?

The answer is, there is no 1 job that can accommodate all of these elements. They are all seperate. And unfortunately, it will take time and effort to find jobs. The question is whether you are willing to start that step, or let all your chances slither away into an abyss called laziness. My hobby is actually graphic design- I have had absolutely 0 formal training in it, and it was all taught via laptop and mouse. With persistent effort and hours and hours of concentration, I have been able to teach myself extreme basics of vector art. But my hobby is also an area with billions of job opportunities. So why sit here and let that slide too?

Off to figure out vector mask painting.