If everything was perfect

There would be no violence. No political bullshit, no terrorism, no broken hearts, no serial killers, baby killers, racism. There would be no poverty, no hate, no religious conflicts. If everything was perfect though, we would be worse off as the human race.

We wouldn’t know what it’s like to fight for freedom, to fight for our rights, to fight to be who we want to be. These fights make us stronger and wiser and confident. If everything was perfect I would not have fought with myself to tell myself it’s okay to move on from being wronged and to move on to someone that truly cares for you.

Because everything didn’t go perfectly, I got my heart broke again and I fell into sorrow again. But because everything didn’t go perfectly I saw who he really was and what he would do for you to make you happy. I saw his genuine nature, his kindness and his ability to make the best situation out of everything. He is patient and he fought through his own battles quietly even when all odds were against him. Because nothing went perfect for him we found each other, 8 years later.