There is no such thing as too busy.

you wake up at 5 a.m. in the morning.  you reach for your work phone and you see emails from your boss and co-workers on it from the night before it and ignore them for later. you need to shower and brush your teeth for the day.

you put on your clothes, wash up, eat breakfast. you read the newspaper, make yourself some coffee, buttered toast with scrambled eggs and sausages from the freezer. you look up at the time and with a sigh put away the papers to get your car keys. you shrug on your coat and head to work.

traffic sucks and you’re stuck listening to Katy Perry on almost every radio station and you become sulky when a love song reminds you of your shitty past relationship. after an hour in rush hour traffic you reach your office and realize there were no parking spots left in the main parking lot so you had to exit the parking lot to drive over to the other parking lot that required you to walk an extra 5 minutes to your building. you arrive at your desk to a shitload of paperwork and you bury yourself in your work, even forgetting that it was your sister-in-law’s birthday today and that there was a dinner tonight. nope, can’t go, you told yourself as you wanted to facedesk upon the paperwork your co-workers left you (i.e. pieces of shit- first word read on the paper and you knew you had to correct the entire thing). you skip lunch, only taking a momentary break to go empty your bladder and possibly bowel. you grab a nasty cafeteria lunch while you’re at it and bring it back to your desk, only to have the gravy from the pre-made mashed potatoes splutter onto them. you spend a good 10 minutes trying to understand what the brown splotch had blurred and realize that your chair broke because it wasn’t able to lean back anymore when you sighed and leaned back in exasperation. now your back is killing you. oh yeah, the emails from yesterday- have you gotten to them yet? you check your pocket for your extremely outdated phone that has a tiny-ass screen. 30 emails, including 3 from your superiors. awesome. you take a good 1.5 hours to clear up the mail and get back to the paperwork.

you leave a voicemail in your sister-in-law’s phone saying how sorry you are and that you’re still at work and can’t make it to her dinner. the office has died down and you are literally the last one left. the clock strikes 9 pm and you finally decide it’s time to leave this shit for tomorrow and go home.

at home you kick off your shoes, throw your clothes on the ground, climb into bed and pass out.



if you life was like this, then yeah, you’re too busy.

but if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who you really love, there will always be time for them.