“Have you ever wanted to forget?”

“If it’s something you’re meant to forget, you will. Without even thinking you want to forget it. Because, the more times you think you want to forget, the stronger those memories become, right? So doesn’t that mean that, deep in your subconscious, you think you really shouldn’t forget them?”

I was okay until I wasn’t.

You were so hell bent on being my friend and I thought that was because you valued me as one. Not to make yourself feel less guilty as you try to hide the fact you have a new girl in your life.

She is everything I expected her to be- pretty, successful looking (ie probably is), and of course, she lifts. Perfect match for you. Good on you and good on her. Of course she’d be into you. Who wouldn’t.

I hope you’ll treat this new girl right. And I hope that you’ll see her as a motivation and not as another sex toy. I hope she’ll fit your every need and want. Have a good life together.

And this is the last goodbye. I will never talk to you again, just for her sake.