The Love Everyone Wants.

There she stood, dressed in her light blue tank top and leather jacket blazer, her hair draped over her eyes as the rain poured over both of your heads. She smiled, her eyes glistening with the rain and gave a soft chuckle, “just wait, it’ll pass.” But the rain didn’t stop, and just looking at her gave you the strongest urge to kiss her. She was the most gorgeous woman you have ever seen in your life and even standing in the wet and cold felt like heaven to you- because she was here, right beside you, and the look whenever you catch her looking at you gave you unspeakable chills down your spine and you feel the corners of your mouth lift uncontrollably into a smile. Your feelings for her cannot be put into words. You cannot stop looking at her and you couldn’t stop loving her. You would give the entire world for her. The way her face fit in your hands, the way she looks up into your eyes, the feel of her lips when you kiss her. You would tell her she is beautiful everyday. She made you feel so free and loved. She was your life.

“Promise me this is forever.”

You couldn’t have heard better music to your ears.

“I promise.”


8 thoughts on “The Love Everyone Wants.

    • thanks for your lovely comment ❀ haha i know..but in love, one without the other always leaves you with nothing. #cheese

      • That’s Deep 😐
        Just getting in again, is arrythmatic a name derived from ‘arithmetic’ from mathematics?
        And I need your help.. want to put this heart symbol in a post, what special symbols do we use to draw it?

      • haha, actually i was trying to derive it from arrhythmia, with a twist to it as you can see lol but it ended up to be a mix of both that and arithmetic. and to get the heart symbol, just use < and 3 together

      • Arrhythmai, problem with the heart rate O.o , Hey you need to be okay. πŸ˜›
        Thanks for helping this out, but the heart symbol didn’t came when I used ❀ (together) ! Maybe, only girls are allowed to draw this πŸ˜€
        Anyways, Have a nice day and Thanks πŸ™‚
        And sorry for making a mess on your post!

      • πŸ˜› it’s metaphorically speaking lol and i see the heart symbol! haha thank you, you too, don’t worry about the post silly!

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