Floating Away.

Ever got that feeling they’re just drifting away? Where, only weeks ago they were telling you everything- from their work day to the achievement they reached at the gym after. But then something happened, you became vulnerable again and they’re just sick of it. Sick of hearing your insecurities, your ambition-less life, the troubles you experience with yourself. What they don’t know is how you know exactly what they’re looking for and how because you selflessly love them try to stay strong. So that they won’t notice, they won’t have to care about your problems. Because you’re already their problem, why put the cherry on top? Then the day after, and then the next, you start to notice, they’re simply drifting away. There’s no excitement. Everything is placid. Of course, you could be the one to start a conversation but why would you? Afterall they made it clear there is no need to talk all the time. Once or twice a day would be perfect, as a couple.

Sure they talk to you- debates would probably be the only thing that can keep a conversation going. Aside from that, it’s the same responses over and over again. That’s exciting, they’ll say, or, That’s cool. They probably would have gone to bed without telling you because, well, they totally forgot about you. You then ask, what is this coming to? Something is wrong, isn’t it? And it’s all because of you.

They’re floating away because you’re pushing them away. The way you act, the way you talk, the way you try to be perfect for them seems to be doing the exact opposite. The day they realized they wanted you was because you were yourself. You didn’t care about what other people thought and you were headstrong. It was alluring. It was desirable. Now you’re just a mess. Ever so slowly, they’re floating away because you are not intriguing anymore. You are not yourself. The floaters let the currents take them. And if your current propels them away, then they’ll float away. If your current pulls them in, they’ll float towards you. Be the stronger current. Don’t let them float away.


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