So what do you have in mind after university?

Said his parents.

It’s still a touchy subject for me, but I told them (as confidently as i could) that I would be pursuing something along the lines of graphic design. I don’t recall their reaction after. But I’m sure it wasn’t anything near being impressed. Afterall, I would graduate with a Kinesiology degree. What is this girl thinking? Why is Stephen dating her? Just today, my mother was telling me she was talking to his mother earlier and again, she brought up the subject of what I would want to do after university.


It’s brutal.

Their sons are engineers, with bright careers ahead of them while I, who is dating one of their amazing sons working for IBM (for that matter, both of them do), am stuck in the very big rut of ‘no clue what to do after university’. I could only imagine what is going through their heads. If Stephen is dating a girl, she better have a good career. She better be making some good money. She better not be a gold digger. She better prove her worth to date our son. Which makes it even more stressful. A parent’s advice will always be taken to heart.

So if I don’t find something amazing fast, I might as well say good bye.


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