Life sucks when you have to think about your first career.

So it’s nothing new, but I know where my real passion lies for my career. It’s a long shot, but I’m slowly making myself put my mark in the graphic design industry. First step is not to find a legit job just yet but a volunteer position. Today I pretty much spent my afternoon after work applying for volunteer positions, and saving some for later (when I’m done my co-op for the spring). It’s a long shot but at least I am trying. And hopefully I won’t get shot down too much, otherwise I think it’s time to start making an actual portfolio full of originals. Ah life problems. Too bad I didn’t take it more seriously back in ’09 when all I did was create wallpapers instead of real art- original works. But I don’t have a tablet! Doing everything by mouse is hard. What am I complaining, at least it never stopped me. And that is very important for all of you dealing with my same struggles- do something that you love, find a way to make sure that your job has an aspect that you love. Otherwise you really cannot go anywhere. You will hate your life. And everything will go downhill from there.

Love your job, love your life! (And of course, love your SO, love your life)


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