Can We Be Friends? (But Not Really?)

Can exes be friends? Like, real friends? I feel like you could. But it wouldn’t be the same. You can’t joke about things anymore because it reminds you of the past and it suddenly becomes awkward. You don’t want your feelings to become stirred again- happy or sad. Things are fine, not talking. But things are also fine talking. Is it really? You don’t know. Your body naturally stops you from hurting yourself- physically and emotionally. When things are going okay, you cut it short- you don’t want to be hurt again. Exes probably can’t be friends. Acquaintances, at best. “Yeah, I know her.” But you probably wouldn’t say “I used to love her.” It hurts when you really think about it. It hurts when you realized that the person you honestly would have wanted to live your life with just won’t be that person anymore. And it sucks. How are you supposed to call yourselves friends when there is no interaction anymore? Your friends called her a keeper. But she was the one who left. A hole in your group of friends, segregation. You can’t forgive and you can’t forget. But isn’t that what friends do? You guys can’t be friends. It’s either love or indifference. Friendship is obliterated once a relationship is over. There is no going back. Can you live with that decision? Can you live knowing that who you once loved is now a total stranger? Even if both sides of the party wanted to remain friends, life doesn’t work that way. You can’t be. You never will be again.


5 thoughts on “Can We Be Friends? (But Not Really?)

  1. Daniel and I were together five years. After we broke up, we took some time apart, and then became friends. We were also neighbors who had spared keys to each others houses. I don’t know how it works; I just know that it does. If you really want to salvage the friendship, you have to put their own happiness and well-being above the hurt you feel inside.

    • I think I can understand that- time probably helps with it, and finding someone else helps with it too. it will take a lot of effort to put their happiness above your own hurt because that’s pure selflessness..and we all know in this world there aren’t too many like that..

  2. I’m not sure if you can just be friends with a ex, especially if you loved them. Every time you talk to them is a constant reminder you lost them.

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