Wise words from a burger lady

I suddenly remembered what a nice young lady told me last year as I asked her for a burger for my caddie at the amateur round. She gave me a sly smile and said “who is this for?”. I blushed and told her it was for my caddie, my friend. She winked, “Just a friend? You’re awfully happy talking about him”. At that point I felt embarrassed because nobody else could tell I was in love with him. But here was a stranger who could tell just by the sound of my voice as I asked her for a burger. Before I could say anything she told me something that I still remember even today.

“Do you like him?”

“It’s complicated .. He’s been my friend for a very long time. ”

“That’s the best then. Because that means you already know all of his quirks and imperfections ..yet you still like him. That is the best kind of relationship. ”



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