Summer Love Vs. Winter Love

Here’s a question for you: What’s your favourite season?

I was born late Autumn/early Winter but I love summer. Why? Because I can actually go out and do things- golf, beach volleyball, whatever. I feel more like myself when I’m active. So what do seasons have to do with relationships?

Haven’t you ever noticed a ‘cycle’ in your group of friends, where there was be a period of time where everyone either gets into a relationship or ends one. It’s interesting because I noticed this, and these happen in 2 seasons: Summer or Winter.

Why? Here’s my comparison:

Summer: Bright, sunny. Longer daylight hours. You feel happier simply because it’s bright out. It relaxes your mind and enhances our thought of ‘summer vacation’- an idea that serves to put away our stress and let us enjoy the better things in life. It is also a season where the more skin you show, the more likely you will attract people. Girls love muscles. Boys love legs. (Generally speaking.) It is the season where you can dress as little as you like without being called a slut in public, especially on a blistering hot day. The sight of skin enhances our idea of a person’s ‘sexiness’- and therefore we are drawn even closer. Basically, this is the season that mentally relaxes you. Less stress = more openmindedness = better relationship/fling opportunities.

Winter: Cold. Dark. But beautiful. It is the season that gives the perfect reason to cuddle up. Winter invokes our sense of touch a lot more. The cold can be the reason why he wants to hold your hand, or why she wants to give you a big, long hug. Snow is also extremely romantic. It provides great flirting opportunities like snowball fights or snow-angel making. Cute, kiddish stuff that everyone deep down still love. Coffee makes the perfect date. This is the season where your physical sense are being stimulated. Love is literally in the air.

When either season ends, the other begins- and the question is can your relationship survive the two?

I may have different ideas from you, but this is just something to ponder about. Again, not the gospel of truth, but something to think about if you are finding yourself in the midst of making/breaking a relationship.

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