A look at your own blog: Who do you want to read it?

You know how my blog is all about the shits and stuff in a relationship. It’s very personal, but instead of just bottling in, I write it out on an anonymous blog for your poor eyes to read (sorry). Well.. remember how I said honesty was important to a lasting relationship just yesterday? I finally took my own advice when my boyfriend found out I had a blog. When I told him I got another follower, he grew extremely curious (which I don’t blame); and just last night I let him read my posts.

Now I feel quite horrible. I know I blew up on him a couple times on my blog because of a few silly arguments/talks we had in the past but I never meant to personally attack him..that wasn’t the point. That’s not the point of my blog. I hate talking about my feelings in person sometimes, especially when it gets to a level where I want to keep it to myself, which is why I have this as an ‘outlet’. Some of you probably share the same feels. But last night made me think about a few things.

I didn’t have anything to hide from my boyfriend, I didn’t feel like it was anything drastic…so I showed it to him. But I immediately regretted it when he started feeling bad and apologizing to me. That’s not what I wanted, that’s not what I intended for him to do. The posts were my real feelings at the moment, and they were very angry, sometimes irrational posts. Of course, to the rest of you, it’s like listening to a stranger’s problems; you don’t mind whether you read the post or not, and you don’t feel attacked because it’s not directed at you. The point of this, is to ask: can your posts be read by anyone and everyone? Is there someone who you wouldn’t want to read it? If that’s the case, take a look at your blog. What/who is it directed towards? Are there posts that may potentially be insulting or inappropriate to the accidental drop-bys? 

This doesn’t mean you need to hide your feelings- that’s what blogs are for, right? Your thoughts, your experiences, your feelings, your take on the world; but at the end of the day, it still is the Internet. What you’ve written is in black and white. You can’t lie- you wrote it! And you know what, I’m glad (a bit) that I showed my blog to my boyfriend- I don’t need to say it all again in person now. It’s touchy- and touchy stuff makes me all ugh. It’s the truth, but my intentions were not to attack him, only to share my human feelings. It doesn’t change my feelings towards him nor our relationship (I HOPE…if you’re reading this btw, I really am sorry for my outbursts.) 

Casual blogger or not, be careful of what you post if your blog is not meant for everyone’s eyes. 


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