How To Keep Yourself Sane

Being able to smile when being slightly misunderstood is good upbringing. When you’re wronged and you smile with calmness, it is generosity. When you’re being taken advantage of and you can smile, you’re being open-minded. When you are helpless and you can do a philosophical smile, you’re in a calm state. When you’re in distress and you can laugh out loud, you’re being generous. When you’re looked down and you can calmly smile, you’re being confident. When you’re being jilted in relationships and you can smile it off, you’re being suave.

– Li Ka Shing (Hong Kong Billionaire)


I also found that as a secret to keeping yourself sane. a smile is such a powerful thing when it means something. you can tell what the smile means. if it’s genuine, or if it’s just for show. if it’s hiding something important, or if it’s sarcastic. looks don’t kill, a smile does. and there is just so much that goes into pulling those lips up.

I’ve gone through several real life scenarios and even now, it’s amazing how much effort it had actually taken me to be who I am today. Yes, just like everyone else, I suffered my first heartbreak the worst way possible, ie. crying, mood swings, snappy, throwing things, ripping up paper (of past memories), cursing the whole world, unable to think of a reason why you deserve it. just to name a few. but then i took a good look at myself. in the mirror. hair all disheveled and unkempt. my face had gotten bloated from all the junk i had been eating as comfort foods, and i was in horrible shape. how in the world did a random person in the world do this to me, without actually being here? (technically, right?) so i started to clean myself up. and when thoughts started to go back to him, i would verbally yell out the names of the objects i physically see at the moment to distract my mind: “you need to wash your face. get that facewash right in front of you and wash your fucking face.” you know what? that helped me. every. single. time.

so it doesn’t matter how bad things are right now or how frustrated you may be. live your own life and improve yourself before even thinking about anyone else.


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