How Do You Know?

How do you know they’re right for you? Is it the comfortable zone you get in when you’re around them, or is it the fact that you guys never run out of things to say? Do you guys fight? And if you fight, what happens? Do you talk it out or do you yell it out? Are the misunderstandings cleared or just pushed aside?

Sometimes it’s hard to think someone is right for you simple because, maybe, you guys have completely different interests. One loves baseball, the other loves reading. How do you get together to spend some quality time if that’s the case? Yet, you’re still with them. You don’t want to leave the other person. Why? When it’s so obvious that you two don’t really…match.

Maybe you guys grew up with different people. One person grew up in a very nerdy, geeky environment while the other grew up in a brash, boozey and partying environment. How can the two ever mix? Well…I guess there is the exception of a combination of the two: a nerdy party-goer. That’s pretty awesome.

I want to post this for a very selfish reason: I just want to complain a little. It’s not bad, I promise. Maybe you can empathize. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boyfriend very, very, very much and I am not thinking of going anywhere. So there’s my problem- I am extremely low maintenance (meaning I am undemanding of attention, let him have his own space while having my own, and seeing him like once or twice a week). But I also feel a little lonely at times- I know, that doesn’t mean I’m undemanding of attention right? Wrong. I feel lonely in the sense that I’m the only one in this. Sure he’s reassured me several times but hell, it’s like me telling you I’m actually a PhD student from MIT studying theoretical physics but, yes, I’m completely lying. It’s the effort, ladies and gents.

All the early feels and emotions before he started dating me…w-wait, where’d it go? The messaging and the want to talk to me, the want to see me… where did it all go? I’m probably being way too emotional and completely ignoring the fact that my head is telling me I’m being way too insecure. But when it all came down to the question: could and would I break up with him? I can’t say yes. And I don’t think I ever could. It’s someTHING, like, not even the concrete things such as interests…it’s just this invisible, tiny thread that is binding us for some unknown purpose… and I’m just not going to fight it anymore.

“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours, but if not, they never were meant to be.”

One thought on “How Do You Know?

  1. what are you talking about… you guys are not breaking up kfhsdkjfhskfhsd
    i’m still waiting for that free hawaii wedding trip!!!!!

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