The 5 Things Girls Absolutely Love (If you do this)

  1. When you pick us up. No, not in a car. I mean, literally, pick us up in your arms. It doesn’t matter how skinny or jacked you are (chances are, you’re still going to be stronger than us simply because you’re men), we love it when you swing us around. We also love it when you grab us by our waist and swing us underneath you to continue, well, making out. It makes us feel feminine and that’s how we should be feeling!
  2. When you’re spontaneous. Sending a random text to us while we’re working (or in class) brightens up our day..for the rest of the day. We’re really that simple to please.
  3. When you cook with us. I know not all girls cook so perhaps this may not relate to you (if you’re a girl and you don’t cook…get on that!!) but even if you guys aren’t big on cooking, try it. It’s honestly fun and it brings you two closer together. Make a new recipe. Try baking. Got into a fight? Make up by cooking something delicious together.
  4. When you hold our face in your hands. Right then and there, we know you really love us. And there’s nothing more sexier when you look at us in our eyes too.
  5. When you occasionally flaunt us in public. I don’t mean ripping our shirts off to let everyone see our bodies. I mean when you hold us by the waist while walking, kissing us on the side of our forehead, or even just holding our hands tightly; it’s telling us we’re yours and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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