For the Guys: Do having things in common make or break?

my boyfriend and i had a little talk yesterday and it came up that he was very bugged by the fact that he and i did not have as much in common than my ex and i.

if you have read my story earlier, you would know i had chose him over my ex, even when there was no reason to break it off with him besides the fact that i wanted my current boyfriend over him. [ugh i feel sick writing this post but it must be done]

you know guys, if a girl chooses you over another guy, you must mean the whole fucking world to her. she did not blindly make this decision for fun; you probably wouldn’t even begin to understand how hard it was for her to break off something that was going so well just for you, so that she could have something even better. she was willing to take this leap of faith to a whole new level- and i mean a lebron fucking  james leap- with you. maybe you guys are different. maybe you guys are similar. but you know what they say, opposites attract. do they really?

so at the end of the day it makes me feel like, uhm, why’d she choose me again?

he said that when he brought up the fact that the two of us did not have as much in common as my ex and i. and it just felt like he was questioning himself and he was starting to regret asking me back.

so the question i have for you guys (or gals, if you want) is can a relationship be good if the two had minimal common interests? i would say we have about 3 things in common: sports, food, and enjoying each other’s company. aside from that, our music taste is different (he has a go-to chick for that..they share almost everything with each other on music), our careers are different, our personalities contrast a lot at times.

help me out here?


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