are you happy?

It could be a question you’re asking yourself, or a question your S.O. is asking you. It could also be a question your friend or family member or past lover is asking. It doesn’t matter who is asking it: as long as you answer it honestly.

What is happiness? It’s just like love, it’s an emotion; how do you know if you’re happy? You don’t feel stressed. You’re calm. You feel like you can tackle anything.

Happiness doesn’t mean smiling. It doesn’t mean being all sunshine and giddy and laughable. It’s contentedness. It’s feeling successful. It’s feeling fulfilled. Happiness is knowing you’re okay. Knowing you’re in this world for a reason and nothing can stand in your way permanently. You are confident.

The ones who smile without a reason are the ones who think nobody can understand them. They have an idea in their head that to fake a smile means being strong. Strength doesn’t mean masking your pain. Smiling doesn’t make you strong. It is supposed to be a motion of happiness. So if you’re not happy, why smile? This doesn’t mean to spew out your problems and be a negative nancy. But if you’re sad, do something about it.

If you were angry what do you do to calm yourself down? Do you let it all out? Do you talk to someone? Do you wallow in it? Do you do something about it? Then why not if you were not happy?

Actions do speak louder than words. You don’t need to announce it. But you don’t need to hide it. As long as you’re willing to do something about it, happiness will ensue. Happiness is figuring out your problems and knowing you did something about it. Because the opposite of happiness isn’t sadness: it’s regret.


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