i’ve made a mis…

i’ve made a mistake letting you go.

it got your attention. they’re finally admitting it. after awhile.

now what?

they think the world changes just by admitting something they’ve done wrong. they think that by stepping it down a notch, it was worth the punch to their pride in order to get your attention back.

whether it is a plea for their desperation or a a truly heartfelt apology, the mistake was done. whether you wish to forgive or not is your own decision. you hold every right to give them your answer.

every situation is different and every outcome is different. what you have experienced may not be what another experienced. maybe you have a reason to forgive. maybe you don’t. but before you make your decision ask yourself why.


why are they finally apologizing to you?

the best way to think about it is this: put yourself into their shoes. be them. you left your relationship because…because of what? of another? of family? or simply it wasn’t the right time? did your feelings change? was there a reason for it to?

what would be your reason to acknowledge your mistake now? why was it a mistake? because you failed to attain what you had originally left them for? because you felt empty and incomplete without a person to brand as your S.O.?

despite this being a bold gesture, it is not an easy task to admit your mistake. you know the ex will give you an answer; and you will only have a 50% chance for it to be what you want to hear. you had to know though. it was the only way to move past this.

forgive and forget.

forgive them, and forget about their mistake. this does not mean to take them back should that be their purpose. it means to make the choice you decide is best. was their reason for leaving you just, or bullshit? was their apology sincere enough to let you consider your options? did they really mean it?

i will tell you a story. but i’ll leave that for tomorrow.


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