how did you…

how did you lose interest in me so fast?

what they wonder when you refused to take them back.

isn’t it a no-brainer? why did they lose interest in you first should be the question. you are in no wrong. yet, the moment you refuse them, you become the villain. they start panicking, and the symptoms you have recently gone through, starts to show on their faces. sadness. anger. and you are there to watch it happen to them, while you have gone through all of these emotions alone.


it is not about getting back. relationships should never be about getting back at the person. relationships should be fulfilling, happy, and forged from your true feelings. there is no point in trying to deny past feelings. they were there, once. it happened. there is no changing the past but only to embrace it, and accept it as experience.

so why did you lose interest in taking them back?

because you have found interest in something or someone else. the interest has given you a way of distracting yourself, or give yourself hope, and a chance to believe in your worth again. it has taken your mind off of your heartbreak and given you the opportunity to seize what you have been denied in your past. happiness.

just like love, happiness is an emotion. it is fleeting. it completes you when you have it, and strips you of all vitality when you lose it. love is happiness, but happiness is not love. one can be happy without being in a relationship. and that is what they must come to understand.

losing them hurts, but being without them is a surgical fix- it will leave a scar but you will still carry on, stronger than ever.

by removing their presence in your life, and focusing and enriching your own, it will open your own eyes to your abilities. things that would have been suppressed were you still with them. you will have goals now, and you will have matured so much from this experience. you understand the importance of fulfilling your own desires first, before accomodating theirs.

taking someone back after they left you is like undoing your personal progress. you will never reach a higher goal and you will never grow beyond what the break ended on. there is always a reason for everything.



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