i don’t think i…

i don’t think i have any feelings for you anymore.

for some, it was because they were never a committed person in the first place. for others, it was because they grew scared. but for most, it was because it was not meant to be.

it boggled me the very first time i heard these words. we had shared something immeasurable, and forged a bond so strong i had thought it impossible to break even through death. and yet, these words slipped out without second thought.


then and there, my mind was clouded. i only thought, he doesn’t love me anymore. just that. i never stopped to ask myself why. but there was the mistake. ALWAYS. ask yourself why. because everything makes sense once you do.

we are human. love is an emotion. and through countless times, i have discovered that not only is love real, but it has the risk to be fleeting.

and yet as humans, we crave for it all the time. we long to love. we long to be loved. but sometimes, what we long for changes. and there is nothing you could do about it.

it does not mean they never loved you. it simply means their time with you has ended. there is more to their lives than staying with you. and there is more to your life than staying with them.

it is true, people come and go. but there is no fault should it be because of fleeting feelings. instead of growing angry, embrace the idea that we are all humans. we are never obliged or bound to one another as much as morals may encourage. we must do what makes us who we are. and if staying with you cannot fulfill that purpose, there is no other option. they must leave.

yes, it hurts.

like the squeezing of her hands of a woman in childbirth. the furious thumps of the heart trying to break free from the rubble of its collapsed walls. oxygen comes in short breaths, unable to keep it quiet.

but without ever experiencing this death of your love, you can never be opened to the greater depths it holds. this is only the surface. once broken, you will find greater treasure; albeit greater risks.

but trust me, the risks are worth it.


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